Amor Wedding Chapel
1142 Hwy 95 Bullhead City, AZ 86429 (928)754-4949 (800)441-9873

Question:  Do you offer more than just the three wedding packages?
LoveYes! We can customize a wedding package to suit most any need. We also offer outdoor weddings at your location.

Question:  Do we have to have our own witnesses?
Answer: No, we will supply them for you.

Question:  Do we have to get a marriage license?
Answer: Yes, it has to be a Arizona marriage license. It can be from any courthouse in Arizona.

Question:  Can we use a Nevada marriage license?
Answer: No,it has to be Arizona.

Question:  Do we tip the minister?
Answer: The minister appreciates any and all gratuities.

Question:  How do we get a certified copy of our marriage license?
Answer: You have to order and pay for a certified copy at the courthouse you got your license at.

Question:  Will i receive anything from the courthouse?
Answer:  No, we return the part of license the courthouse needs to file.

Question:  Is a Arizona marriage legal in all states?
Answer: Yes